TUM ZfP starts new ZIM project on intelligent monitoring systems for wind turbines

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Monitoring systems help to ensure the cost-effective operation of wind turbines over a service life of 20 years and beyond. This is achieved by predicting and detecting damage, optimizing maintenance and operation, and predicting service life. But how can these monitoring systems automatically use sensor data?

The Chair of non-destructive testing at the Technical University of Munich (Lehrstuhl für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung – ZfP – Technische Universität München) started the new IM WIND project on 1st September 2019 to explore these questions and provide solutions based on their deep expertise.

As part of the IM WIND project, the measurement setup is planned to be further improved by innovative sensor technology. New data evaluation methods are to be tested and automated, building on the preliminary work in the MISTRALWIND-Projekt. In cooperation with the project partners, a digital twin of the supporting structure of the wind turbine will be created and machine-learning methods will be applied for analysis of the data and results.

See www.windfors.de/en/projects/im-wind/ for more information about the project.

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