Building the WINSENT wind energy test facility in the Swabian Alps will take some time, patience, and a bit of luck. Welcome to our WINSENT diary!

  • WINSENT Weather Data Updates (11/10/2018)
    We now have two 100-m tall meteorological masts measuring the atmospheric conditions at the WINSENT test site.
  • WINSENT Project Meeting at ZSW (08/10/2018)
    About twenty five of us met today to share updates on recent progress within the WINSENT project. Hosted by the project leaders ZSW, we heard news from the three work packages that make up the WINSENT project. These meetings happen every couple of months and allow us all to keep up to date with this project.
  • The WINSENT diary (13/02/2018)
    Starting this month, we’ll be posting regular updates about what’s been happening at the WINSENT test field. You can find all of the news and updates here.
  • ZSW and S&G Engineering Join Forces to Set Up Wind Power Field-Test Site (15/12/2017)
    From ZSW: S&G Engineering GmbH and the Centre for Solar Energy and Hy-drogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) have agreed to col-laborate with a deal clinched at this year’s German wind energy conference DEWEK and the WindEurope Exhibition in Amster-dam. S&G experts will share their insight into SG750.54-type wind turbines to help ZSW build a field-test site to ...
  • Search for Wind Test Site Location Announced (28/07/2014)
    Within the framework of the KonTest project, which is funded by the Federal Economics Ministry, a test site for wind turbines in complex-mountainous terrain is designed. The institutes involved in the project and the WindForS office have now finalized the announcement for the proposed flagship project. The announcement text offers detailed information for interested municipalities ...