Our Vision

WindForS carries out science-driven research into the wind energy system, with the goal of more acceptable wind energy that is cheaper and better integrated into the grid than ever before. What could that mean?


Today: Just over half of Germans find wind energy “good or very good “1

Tomorrow: wind turbines will be seen as a traditional part of the landscape.


Today: wind turbines are produced in families of designs.

Tomorrow: wind turbines in complex terrain will be optimized for the conditions at each site but adaptable to short-term changes, and so provide the cheapest source of renewable energy.


Today: wind turbines are paid to produce energy and some grid services.

Tomorrow: wind facilities will be recognized – and rewarded – for their positive contribution to power system security, reliability, and resilience.

  1. According to a survey, 57% of Germans would find a wind energy facility in their neighbourhood good or very good. the survey was carried out by Kantar Emnid for Agentur für Erneuerbar Energien. 1,016 respondents in July 2017. Data obtained from https://www.unendlich-viel-energie.de on 11 September 2017.