Demystifying Complex Terrain at WESC 2019

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10 researchers from across Europe and the USA presented their results to over 50 participants in the “Demystifying Complex Terrain” mini-symposium at the 2019 Wind Energy Science Conference in Cork, Ireland on 18th June 2019. The Mini-Symposium was set up and moderated by Dr. Andrew Clifton, Managing Director of WindForS.

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Estimation of turbulence parameters from scanning lidars and in-situ instrumentation in the Perdigão 2017 campaign. Normann Wildmann, DLR


Detailed induction zone wind field measurements over sloping terrain. Torben Mikkelsen, DTU Wind Energy


Optimization of lidar based measurement strategies for resource assessment of wind farms – Overview of the LiMeS project results Doron Callies, Fraunhofer IEE


Simulating Wind Farm Flows in Complex Terrain with WindSE Jeffrey Allen, NREL


Systematic study of the effect of v-shaped valleys on wind flow within the surface layer Jan Diezel, U. Hamburg


Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities of Lidar-Based Minute-Scale Forecasting in Complex Terrain Ines Würth, U. Stuttgart

Using these Presentations

WindForS supports the principles of FAIR research: we believe that the results from research should be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

To help make research findable and accessible we encourage participants in our events to archive copies of their presentations and other materials. They can leave them with us, or store them in repositories at their own universities and research institutions. We then provide links through to those documents.

An even better option is to use repositories that provide a DOI and link research output to researchers through the ORCID and other identifiers. This allows researchers to build up a comprehensive publications record. While there are many options, we have found that provides a good set of features for authors and users.

We ask anyone using or referencing presentations from this event to respect any licensing conditions, to acknowledge the presenters using the information provided, and to reference DOIs (where given).

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