Corrosion Protection

The Research Centre for Steel, Timber and Masonry (VAKA) services include the investigation of corrosion resistance of metallic and non-metallic coatings as well as components and products made of stainless steel.  Our Laboratory provides modern test facilities, such as a salt-spray-testing-machine and a corrosion meter for cyclic testing.

The MPA University of Stuttgart operates outdoor exposure testing set-ups and laboratories in which the influence of all relevant environmental conditions and atmospheres can be investigated over many years. These include sea-water facilities and atmospheric test facilities:

Sea water test (Offshore area / corrosivity category C5-M, CX according to ISO 9223 respectively) with the test areas:

  • Splash water zone
  • Alternate immersion zone
  • Submerge zone

Atmospheric test facility:

  • Stuttgart (corrosivity category C2 according to DIN EN ISO 12944-2)
  • Duisburg (corrosivity category C3 – C4 according to DIN EN ISO 12944-2)
  • Helgoland (corrosivity category C4 – C5-M according to DIN EN ISO 12944-2)
Atmospheric test facility. Source: MPA Stuttgart
Sea water test facility in Heligoland. Source: MPA Stuttgart