Electromagnetic Compatability

For many years the field of “Electromagnetic Compatibility” has been one of the most important activities at IEH. In the beginning of this work we started with the generation and measurement of electromagnetic field impulses with extremely high amplitudes and very short rise times. The aims have been the simulation of NEMP, LEMP and the simulation of circuit breaker operations in GIS.

Recent EMC research works concentrate on the automotive EMC. One topic is the correlation between full vehicle and single component EMC emission measurement procedures. The main aim is to estimate the emission behaviour of a single component in the car which is not yet available in an early state of its development. Another topic deals with EMC of automotive electric power networks. Due to novel high power electric devices, especially in electric vehicles, it is possible that new impulsive disturbances occur on the electric power supply of the vehicle. These impulsive disturbances may cause new disturbing potential which is not covered by the actual EMC susceptibility standards. The goal of this work is to detect and classify these new impulsive disturbances and also to develop new measurement tools for a convenient recording of these sporadic impulses in the automotive power network with as few coupling disturbances as possible.

Last but not least our activities in the potential-free electric and magnetic field measurement have to be mentioned. For several decades some of our colleagues have been very successful in this domain. In the last few years there have been made significant developments and improvements, especially by the use of VCSEL laser diodes with small operating currents and a high bandwidth.