WINSENT Project clears planning hurdle

The WindForS WINSENT project to build a wind energy research facility on the Swabian Alb has cleared a major hurdle: at the beginning of June 2020, the Göppingen District Office granted approval…


Measurement of wind and temperature profiles

Measurement of Wind and Temperature Profiles Wind Met Mast The SWE's three-sided wind met mast with a maximum height of 120 meters has multiple booms at various, freely selectable heights. Meteorological…

ParkCast: optimization of minute-scale power forecasts of offshore wind

The ParkCast project aims to develop, optimize and evaluate new methods for short term forecasts of the performance of offshore wind farms. The power forecasts focus on the time range up to 60 minutes with high temporal resolution. The aim is to significantly improve the temporal resolution and forecasting quality of the parking performance in the above-mentioned time period and thus make a contribution to grid stability and supply security. To this end, long-range lidar measurement data are assimilated into a high-resolution, local weather model using new methods based on machine learning (ML). Physical and advanced ML-based prediction models are then used for the power prediction and validated in real time for the alpha ventus offshore wind farm as part of an online test phase.

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