Social acceptance
Photo: Interviews zur gesellschaftlichen Akzeptanz, Berching, Foto: LAREG

Social acceptance

Wind energy as a technology achieves an unmatched social consensus. Nevertheless, neighbours and the public very often perceive local projects as inequity and threat. The TUM LAREG projects research how regional and local proceedings and public participation could be qualified by the implementation of holistic landscape aesthetic concepts, informal masterplans and diversity of planning variants.

Landscape-oriented design

Landscape-oriented Design High wind turbines bring a total new dimension, proportions and sights, into the cultural landscape. To contribute to an affirmative aesthetic perception, the TUM LAREG research projects survey…

IEA Topical Expert Meeting “Wind Energy in Complex Terrain”

From 12-13 November 2013, the Endowed Chair of Wind Energy of Stuttgart University (SWE) was host to an expert meeting on “Wind energy in complex terrain”. The meeting was organized in cooperation with CENER, the Spanish National Renewable Energy Centre (Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables) and is part of the International Energy Agency (IEA) “Wind Task 11”.


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