Foundation technologies

Foundation Technologies Wind turbines use gravity and pile foundations on- and offshore. IBF's expertise covers small-scale and large-scale testing and consulting for design, installation, and monitoring.Up to now the IBF…

Constitutive relations

Numerical models can never be better than the "constitutive laws" employed for the soil. The aim is thus to describe the mechanical interaction between stresses and strains in each individual…

Material behaviour

Material Behaviour Based on laboratory tests, the mechanical properties of the relevant soil layers must be determined in order to execute the required proofs of safety for foundation structures. Standard…

Subsoil investigations

Subsoil Investigations Sampling of soil and rock material from direct exposures (pits or boreholes) is an essential part of the subsoil investigation. The focus is not only on the composition…


Foundations As wind turbines get larger and are deployed in challenging conditions on- and offshore, there is a need to ensure that their foundations are safe and cost effective. WindForS members…

TremAc Joint Project Launched

How much noise is produced by Wind Turbines?

Wind turbines emit sound and vibrations. The TremAc joint project investigates how they are related and how they can be better predicted and reduced

Wind energy is to have a major share in the future renewable energy mix. The TremAc project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), will aim to improve planning, development and acceptance of wind turbines and to develop objective criteria for their emissions. To this end, experts will investigate the interaction between acoustic and seismic vibrations of wind turbines and plan to create a calculation model that includes both kinds of emission.



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