Endurance tests

The Research Centre for Steel, Timber and Masonry VAKA provides more than 40 testing machines enabling a wide range of different investigations. Tests under dynamic loading can be performed up to a maximum load of 20000 kN.

The MPA University of Stuttgart offers:

  • Servo hydraulic testing machines for static and dynamic tests
  • Large testing facilities with load floor and reaction walls
  • Large test set-up for realistic boundary conditions

The prerequisites for such multifaceted measurement tasks such as multiple measuring systems for large-scale tests, high frequency measurements for dynamic trials, stress analyses with strain gauges, or optical measurement systems are all present at the MPA. The instrumentations undergoing extreme conditions (such as offshore plants) have very high demands regarding their durability.

The MPA University of Stuttgart employs highly qualified personnel with years of experience who can ensure the durability of the instrumentation.