Sustainability Day At Esslingen University Of Applied Sciences

Within the framework of the Baden-Württemberg Sustainability Days the “Studienzentrum für Nachhaltige Entwicklung – Study Centre for Sustainable Development” of Hochschule Esslingen held a symposium on 3 June. The symposium was chaired by Professor Hermann Knaus.

After the welcoming addresses, there followed keynote speeches which highlighted the chances and risks associated with wind energy use in Baden-Württemberg from different perspectives.

The speakers included members of WindFors. Prof. Po Wen Cheng of the SWE gave a talk on “The potential for technological development in wind energy use in Baden-Württemberg”. In view of the comprehensive technological possibilities and continuous development of wind energy, Prof. Cheng underlined the fact that an expansion of wind energy in the region largely depends on its acceptance among the population.

Professors Knaus, Würslin (both involved in WindForS) and Neuburger gave an overview of the activities of Hochschule Esslingen in applied research and development. Professor Knaus for instance did research on wind energy use in hilly and mountainous terrain in Switzerland. And Professors Würslin and Neuburger presented their “Windy Cities“ research project.

Dr. Till Jenssen from the Baden-Württemberg Environment Ministry and member of the WindForS Advisory Board talked about “The Energy System Transformation and Wind Energy – Review and Outlook for Baden-Württemberg” with a special emphasis on the impact of the amendment to the “Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG)” – Renewable Energy Sources Act.

Anton Kaifel from the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg showed what part wind energy might play in an energy supply that is 100 percent renewables.

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