“Energy Meteorology“ Symposium In Grainau

From 4th to 6th June 2013 the third symposium on “Energy Meteorology” was held in Grainau. WindForS institutes presented several talks on wind resources, offshore as well as onshore, prediction of wind energy and solar energy and their respective applications.

  • Stefan Emeis (KIT- IMK): Atmospheric turbulence and wakes of large wind farms
  • Jens Bange (EKUT-ZAG), V. Hochschild, S.-C. Manton (EKUT-Geoinf), J. Bunzel : Wind energy use in urban areas: The innovative environment and energy concept designed for buildings of Tübingen University Hospital and the University of Tübingen
  • Andreas Platis, N. Wildmann, J. Gange (EKUT-ZAG): A „Remotely Piloted Air System“ (RPAS) as an additional measuring instrument for standard evaluations by example of the “Lidar Complex” project
  • J. Sack, A. Strunk, J. Meis, (EWC Weather Consult) F. Sehnke, M. Felder, A. Kaifel (ZSW): From Ensembles to probabilistic wind power predictions – How important is the ensemble size
  • F.Sehnke, M. Felder, A. Kaifel (ZSW): P²IONEER – A model for the simulation of hybrid power plants taking into account wind and PV predictions
  • K. Ohnmeiß, M. Felder, F. Sehnke (ZSW) A. Strunk, J. Meis: SolSage: Automatically optimized PV predictions for Germany and its control area based on machine learning techniques

Furthermore, Andreas Rettenmeier (USTUTT-SWE) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Emeis (KIT-IMK) took part in the conference as moderators. The latter moderated the first meeting of the expert committee on energy meteorology in the German Meteorological Society (DMG). In the first meeting the group approved the expert committee’s official establishment and Detlev Heinemann (University of Oldenburg) as well as Marion Schroedter-Homscheidt (DLR) were elected first and second chairmen.

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