Data Analysis


The Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE) chair at the University of Stuttgart has at its disposal a data acquisition system by which meteorological data from wind met masts and/or LiDAR measurements can be recorded and analyzed simultaneously with system data and/or load measurements on wind turbines. The features of the data acquisition system, in combination with the SWE - wind met mast allow load and power performance measurements on wind turbines according to IEC standards 61400-12 and 61400-13. The SWE conducts these measurements (often within a research project) together with an accredited test institute.


Analysis of data on meteorological influencing factors impacting wind energy use


Measurements from surface-based remote sensing devices and from masts have been analysed at IMK-IFU of KIT. The following results have an impact on wind energy generation:


  • marine boundary-layer structure based on measurements at the FINO1 mast in the German North Sea. Part of the results will be used for an enhancement of turbulence parameterizations in mesoscale wind field models (task of VERITAS as work package 5 in OWEA):


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  • Interrelation between wind and waves:


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  • low-level jets (from SODAR measurements):


  • influence of orography on the vertical wind profile (from SODAR measurements):


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