Nondestructive Testing (NDT)


The MPA University of Stuttgart offers vast experience in the nondestructive testing of many different materials. The primary task of NDT is guaranteeing the necessary quality of components



• Manufactoring defects

• Design flaws

• Damage due to transport and installation


In operation:

• Operation due to operational stress (application of brakes, wind)

• Damage from environment  (water, ice, UV-light)

• Damage from singular weather incidences (lightning, 50-year-gust)


There are various testing methods for rotor blades or parts made out of GFK and CFK:

• Ultrasonic testing using through-transition and reflection

• Local acoustic resonance spectroscopy (LARS)

• Infrared thermography


Many of these methods were developed at the MPA University of Stuttgart for the rotor blade test. The above-mentioned methods can be used for quality management during the rotor blade manufacturing process as well as for condition control on the structure.


Contact Person:

Dr.-Ing. Anne Jüngert


Mechanized ultrasonic testing of a rotor blade Image: MPA Stuttgart Above: Vorbereitung von Messungen am Rotorblatt Bild: MPA Stuttgart