Service Life Monitoring



MISTRALWind: Monitoring and Inspection of Structures At Large Wind Turbines


Many established Turbines are soon going to reach the end of their service life, which is 20 years.

In the course of the MistralWind research project a concept is being developed to enable further operation and thus a lengthening of the service life.

To reach this aim, inspection and monitoring systems for structures of Wind Turbines are being designed, adapted and applied.


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At the MPA University of Stuttgart there are monitoring systems (both wireless and connected) available which are equipable with many types of sensors (humidity, temperature, strain, accelera-tion, cyclic velocity, displacement, and inclination).


The monitoring systems can be used for the entire wind turbine. The MPA’s special scope of capabilities includes:


  • State monitoring of rotor blades


  • Acoustic testing and analysis for the detection of failure processes and rubbing and clicking nois-es on defect sites


  • Calculation from static and dynamic part strain (i.e. via strain gauge); determination of load spec-trum and detection of extreme loading


  • Electromechanical impedance measurements (using mounted piezoelectric elements) to deter-mine stress states


  • Rotor blade position determination using acceleration sensors


  • Determination of temperature and humidity



Wireless monitoring of a bridge Image: MPA Stuttgart



Dr.-Ing. Anne Jüngert