Press reports


December 1, 2013


WindForS Research Cluster Establishes Office


For a period of three years, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts is providing the funds for a WindFors office at the University of Stuttgart. The initial funding is meant to help professionalise the cluster’s activities and enable its members to start work on the proposed goals. The WindForS office will be the first point of contact for the proposed test site in southern Germany and will press ahead with its realisation. It is headed by Andreas Rettenmeier who has been employed with the wind energy chair at the University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Aircraft Design since 2004 and played a vital part in initiating WindForS.



November 12-13, 2013


IEA Topical Expert Meeting 'Wind energy in complex terrain'


From 12-13 November 2013, the Endowed Chair of Wind Energy of Stuttgart University (SWE) was host to an expert meeting on “Wind energy in complex terrain”. The meeting was organized in cooperation with CENER, the Spanish National Renewable Energy Centre (Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables) and is part of  the International Energy Agency (IEA) “Wind Task 11”.


25 representatives of industry and the research community from all over the world, including the US, Japan and Canada, took part in the meeting. Several WindForS members seized the opportunity to present their work Thus there was a talk on the BMU project “Lidar Complex” by SWE of University of Stuttgart, ZAG of University of Tübingen presented results obtained by UAV and the IMK of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology reported on Sodar measurements. Further topics were CFD simulations (USTUTT-IAG), wind tunnel measurements (TUM-WEI) and landscaping aspects of wind energy use (TUM-LAREG). There was a lively exchange between participants, current research and data from industry was presented. Participants also defined areas where further research was needed to improve wind energy use in complex terrain.


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November 1, 2013


BMU research project "KonTest": Creating a design for a wind energy test site in mountainous complex terrain


Only recently “KonTest“, the second WindForS research project funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, has been launched. The main purpose of the two-year collaborative project is to design a wind test site in southern Germany and to find a test site location in Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria. The project results will subsequently be used in setting up a wind test site in complex mountainous terrain. In addition to meteorological masts, one or two research wind turbines of the 600-900 KW class with rotor diameters of about 40 - 80 m will be installed. These will be used to prepare, test and validate new technologies in terms of materials, design methods, aerodynamics, load monitoring, noise reduction, manufacturing engineering, operation management, measurement tools and techniques as well as monitoring. Further research will focus on energy storage and grid integration. Taking into account the experiences gained in, among others, the “alpha ventus” offshore project, issues of landscape aesthetics and ecology are seen as of vital importance and will therefore play an important part in designing the test site as well as in its operation.



June 27, 2013


2013-08: New chair for wind energy at the Technical University of Munich strengthens WindForS research alliance


Prof. Dr. Carlo L. Bottasso was appointed to head  the new wind energy institute at TUM. The chair will further strengthen the research network WindForS.



June 10-14, 2013


2013-06: DTU PhD Summer School in Remote Sensing


For the sixth time the „Summer School in Remote Sensing for Wind Energy“ took place at the Danish Technical University’s Risø Campus. As in previous years, in Boulder, USA or Risø DTU, Denmark, Prof. Dr. Stefan Emeis and Andreas Rettenmeier had been invited as guest lecturers. In their talks on "Remote sensing for deriving mixing-layer height/RASS" and "Nacelle-based Lidar Systems" international participants from other universities and the industry were introduced to the research projects carried out by the WindFors partner institutes.



June 4-6, 2013


"Energy Meteorology“ symposium in Grainau


From 4th to 6th June 2013 the third symposium on “Energy Meteorology” was held in Grainau.  WindForS institutes presented several talks on wind resources, offshore as well as onshore, prediction of wind energy and solar energy and their respective applications.


• Stefan Emeis (KIT- IMK): Atmospheric turbulence and wakes of large wind farms


• Jens  Bange (EKUT-ZAG), V. Hochschild, S.-C. Manton (EKUT-Geoinf), J. Bunzel : Wind energy use in urban areas: The innovative environment and energy concept designed for buildings of Tübingen University Hospital and the University of Tübingen


• Andreas Platis, N. Wildmann, J. Gange (EKUT-ZAG): A „Remotely Piloted Air System“ (RPAS) as an additional measuring instrument for standard evaluations by example of the “Lidar Complex” project


• J. Sack, A. Strunk, J. Meis, (EWC Weather Consult) F. Sehnke, M. Felder, A. Kaifel (ZSW): From Ensembles to probabilistic wind power predictions – How important is the ensemble size


• F.Sehnke, M. Felder, A. Kaifel (ZSW): P²IONEER – A model for the simulation of hybrid power plants taking into account wind and PV predictions


• K. Ohnmeiß, M. Felder, F. Sehnke (ZSW)  A. Strunk, J. Meis: SolSage: Automatically optimized PV predictions for Germany and its control area based on machine learning techniques


Furthermore, Andreas Rettenmeier (USTUTT-SWE) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Emeis (KIT-IMK) took part in the conference as moderators. The latter moderated the first meeting of the expert committee on energy meteorology in the German Meteorological Society (DMG). In the first meeting the group approved the expert committee’s official establishment and Detlev Heinemann (University of Oldenburg) as well as Marion Schroedter-Homscheidt (DLR) were elected first and second chairmen.